Started in early 2005, Rev2.org is a weblog dedicated to profiling new Web 2.0 startups and technologies and providing indepth analysis on the state of this industry. At the time of creation, there was a lack of weblog coverage around this topic and Web 2.0 was a brand new idea gaining hype. Soon enough as new startups emerged, it became apparent that this is where the future of the web was heading. Rev2 was created to document this change.

Our Elevator Pitch

There is a revolution going on, have you noticed? Rev2 has the unique responsibility to inform you of new and updated Web 2.0 startups, products, and features. KafeKraft launches a revolutionary new social network for barbie dolls? Great, you can read about it on Rev2 (and we’ll tell you if it’s really bad!). Google launches a massive online operating system web app and sells $50 terminals with free connectivity? We’ll not only post it, but we might just give a few away! Trust us to keep you in the loop on whats new and whats changed. If you want to be on the edge of the edge of this fascinating change, we are your beacon.

The Team

Craig Agranoff Editor

Hi, I’m Craig.  I live in Boca Raton, Florida, and I am a writer for Rev2.  I have spent the past few years being obsessed with web 2.0, and have started quite a few companies along the way.  In my spare time I am keeper of the secrets of Castle Greyskull.  Fabulous secret writing powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my Mac.

Richard Bradley Editor

Richard is a technical writer and jack-of-all-trades based in Seattle. After several years working as a developer he discovered a unique talent for breaking software in bizarre and unusual ways and thus made the logical jump into testing and test management. His renowned abilities to break even the most seemingly-healthy systems were capable of making grown engineers quiver at the mere mention of his name.

He became a technical writer and journalist in 2007 after a brief period co-managing an interface design start-up. Now he gets to write about the things he loves and still can’t believe he gets paid for it. As well as writing and generally wreaking havoc with other people’s systems, he has a passion for useless gadgets and has the largest collection of pointless artefacts this side of the Smithsonian.

He lives in relative peace with his wife Lizzie, jealously guarding his horde and cultivating a coif to rival Back to the Future’s Doc Brown.

Gillian Sanders Editor

Gillian was once a bookseller and an avowed technophobe, but when her small bookshop hit hard times she embraced the internet as a medium to revitalise business and hasn’t looked back since.

After setting herself up as a drop ship enterprise she took a part time job at a digital marketing agency to make ends meet where she became a specialist in social media. After three years in the business she began to blog about her experiences, eventually securing a regular column in a marketing magazine before coming to write regularly for Rev2 in early 2009.

She loves being up-to-date with the latest trends in media and technology and equally enjoys sharing her expertise. Other things she likes are dogs, cacti and home-baked biscuits. She hates spiders and being wrong, which is fine because she never is.

Steve Krasner Editor

When Steve was a kid he was obsessed with code-breaking and dreamed of becoming a world famous computer hacker. Some stern conversations with his parents and lack of any discernible ability with computers eventually convinced him that journalism was a safer career choice.

He earned his first full time job writing for a local daily where the most exciting of news stories usually involved skipped bus fares and newsagent closures. Destined for bigger things, he landed a regular column for a regional newsletter, writing about the latest developments in the mobile phone industry. Since then, he has covered everything from the rise of social networking sites to the VOIP revolution.

He is known by his friends as being somewhat of a recluse, only becoming animated when talking about new technical developments. Steve still dreams of being a hacker, but generally only when he forgets the password to his notebook.

Helen Palmer Editor

Helen worked for several years as project manager for a small I.T. firm in London, before becoming a writer in order to spend more time in the kitchen. She has exceptional experience dealing with large corporate customers and a great understanding of what it takes for a Web 2.0 business to succeed.

She is a strong believer that, in a world increasingly governed by the Internet, good products should sell themselves and place a strong emphasis on quality and service. She takes her writing very seriously and has a habit of waking in the early hours of the morning just to commit an idea to paper.

Helen loves running, cooking and technology, but particularly loves technology that helps her to cook. Her lifetime ambitions are to run a marathon in under three hours and make the perfect chocolate sundae.

Sam Scholes Editor

Sam originally hailed from Australia but moved to Seattle at the tender age of 33. Since arriving he’s made it his mission to convert as many followers as possible to the holy sports of cricket and football. Realising that this may be a lost cause, he’s settled for spreading the good word about the latest developments in Web 2.0 and other technologies. He will still never see the attraction of baseball.

He comes from an engineering background in Melbourne, where his creative streak was seen as a liability by his peers and superiors alike, and has worked as a freelance journalist now for some years. He has placed articles in a number of national newspapers, covering a range of topics under the heading of science and technology. Underneath his brash exterior he’s something of a geek and good fellow at heart. Honest. Just don’t get him started on football.

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