• Craigslist Gets Less Annoying, Allows Users to Multi-Post

    Craigslist Gets Less Annoying, Allows Users to Multi-Post

    Ed. Note: This is the inaugural post of new writer, Craig Agranoff, who will be joining us to fill for my slack time. I have always found it peculiar why people use Craigslist.  Don’t get me wrong — I have used it myself to sell things in the past, but I have consistently found it
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  • CokeTag: Share Your Stuff, Branded with Coke

    CokeTag: Share Your Stuff, Branded with Coke

    While there are some who have jumped on the idea of “social media campaigns,” running campaigns and advertising around widgets, social networks and the web, I’m not a big fan. And I usually think they’re lame. So when I was informed this morning about CokeTag, I was a little doubtful — mainly because with campaigns like these, the focus on the brand vs. user is usually 80 – 20, so being a user-centric publication, there’s not much to cover.

    CokeTag, however, is kind of an exception. …

  • Mobile Advertising: Intent 2.0

    Mobile Advertising: Intent 2.0

    I have been a skeptic of the mobile platform for quite some time — specifically, mobile advertising and how effective it really is. But after recently watching Robert Scoble’s interview with Omar Hamoui, founder and CEO of AdMob, I’m convinced the platform will be a significant contender of ad dollars and perhaps the most effective/helpful/useful advertising platform in the future. There’s something huge happening here — and I’ve only just caught on to it.

    Why Search Advertising Works

    First, let’s back up a few steps and see why Google’s bread and butter — contextual search ads — is so effective. In one word, the reason is intent

  • RescueTime: Where Does Your Computing Time Go?

    RescueTime: Where Does Your Computing Time Go?

    For the last couple of days, I’ve been vigorously trying out a range of productivity tools. Given that I’m going to be at home for the next couple of weeks — I figured it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get some work done. :-) So when a couple of friends Twittered about RescueTime, I was immediately curious. With buzz words like “web-based time management” lurking their homepage I anticipated another project management web app with the to-do list and time tracker and the usual feature-full things that are supposed to make me more productivity, but it’s something completely different.

    Founded by Tony Wright after selling his AJAXy job search engine Jobby to Jobster in May 2006, the project has raised funding from Y Combinator …

  • 7 Hottest Unacquired Web Startups

    7 Hottest Unacquired Web Startups

    Back in April last year, we did a list titled the “10 Most Successful Startups to Date.” The list outlined what were, at the time, the most successful startups by perseverance. When we looked to doing a version 2.0, we noticed a funny thing: most of those startups — at least the ones that haven’t
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  • What Up, Rev?

    What Up, Rev?

    For the last few weeks I’ve been excessively busy with my everyday life, travelling, all while spearheading the early stages of a startup, so I want to first and foremost apologize for our inactiveness in posting on Rev2.  After just having visited the S.F. Bay Area and L.A., I’m currently in Washington D.C. where I
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