• Amazon to Buy Audible for $300m

    Amazon to Buy Audible for $300m

    After having what seems like a decent quarter, Amazon announced today that it has bought audiobook giant Audible for approximately $300 million, or at a price of $11.50 per share. Although two companies have long been in competition with each other, it’s clear the New Jersey-based 200 employee company founded in the dotcom-rush has had
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  • Etsy Grabs $27m Funding; Pet-Project No More

    Etsy Grabs $27m Funding; Pet-Project No More

    Brooklyn-based handcrafts store Etsy which launched back in June 2005 (and I distinctly remember purchasing a T-shirt from when it first crossed my radar) has announced it has raised a $27 million round from existing investors Union Square Ventures and Hubert Burda Media, and Facebook investor Jim Breyer of Accel Partners. From an idea to
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  • France To Bar Internet Access For P2P Download

    France To Bar Internet Access For P2P Download

    Are you based out of Paris? Did you download your favorite music collection from Limewire or any other P2P software? According to a new pact between French Internet Service Providers, the government and film and music rights owners, you’re Internet access could potentially be barred. According to the new agreement, users will receive a warning
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  • A Wikipedia Ban for Dutch Staff

    A Wikipedia Ban for Dutch Staff

    The Dutch Ministry of Justice has temporarily put a ban in place which would restrict its 30,000 workers from accessing Wikipedia at work. It might come across as a shocking news, but the development is not really unreasonable. The ministry is planning to analyze the misuse of Wikipedia during this temporary ban. It has been
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  • Facebook’s Mission China

    Facebook’s Mission China

    Amidst the fuss going around Amazon’s Kindle, social networking giant Facebook has generated buzz with its decision to acquire Chinese social networking portal Zhanzuo.com for a whooping amount of $85 million. There has been speculation going around for quite sometime about Facebook’s entry into the Chinese region and this news doesn’t throw a surprise at
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  • Apple, Microsoft and The Social Media Saga

    Apple, Microsoft and The Social Media Saga

    For the two giants, Apple and Microsoft, yesterday turned out to be quite a day in the blogosphere. So who started the debate? It was instigated by none other than the Robert Scoble whose post virtually rebuked Apple as his Macintosh didn’t boot after a routine installation update. Robert summed up his extremely critical post
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