• Facebook’s Easter Egg Contra and Apps That Show Profit

    Facebook’s Easter Egg Contra and Apps That Show Profit

    There’s two things to remember about Easter eggs: they’re usually hidden in plain sight and they often have goodies in them. By now, most already know that the Contra Code will create a screen flare effect in Facebook.  If you didn’t know this, you should try it.  Log into Facebook and use the Konami code:
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  • Why There Won’t Be a Google Killer

    Why There Won’t Be a Google Killer

    A search engine which has been making waves in the blogosphere for the last day or two is Cuil (pronounced “cool”). You’ve probably used it twice already, and its random search results (in some cases, the worst ever served by a search engine) do less to serve and more to amaze.

  • The Rev2 Cabinet: MixerCast

    The Rev2 Cabinet: MixerCast

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    Online advertising is no joke. Recent estimates peg interactive ad revenues in 2007 at $25.5 billion, a 27% increase over 2006’s approximate revenues. The quick moving segment currently makes up approximately 6.1% of the global ad market. An IDC report sees a general pattern that “companies are redistributing advertising dollars from …

  • The Rev2 Cabinet: Idée

    The Rev2 Cabinet: Idée

    Most of the companies that get the most publicity are for personal use only. Yet others, whether they appeal to the commercial market or something else, help to form the very backbone of the internet. Idée Inc. is one of these companies. Idée is a pioneer in the field of image recognition and visual search. The company’s two hallmark products, PixID and Piximilar, target different areas of the market while utilizing much of the same technology …

  • The Rev2 Cabinet: RockYou

    The Rev2 Cabinet: RockYou


    Interview with Jia Shen, CTO of RockYou!

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    Now, nearly every website you visit has a widget. Almost everything is embeddable, whether it’s the …

  • The Rev2 Cabinet: Zoho

    The Rev2 Cabinet: Zoho


    Interview with Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho

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    What does Zoho do? It’s certainly hard to define. No matter how they do it, they’re going about it differently than the …