• The Rev2 Cabinet: Pageflakes

    The Rev2 Cabinet: Pageflakes

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    There was a time when reading from one source was enough for anyone. The New York Times, or portals like Yahoo! captivated the attention of readers in the pre-Web 2.0 era. In the modern day, however, the need for information can’t be sated by one source. Instead, users traverse the Internet in search of dozens of sites that appeal to the niche they’re looking for information from. RSS feeds, invented by web pioneer Dave Winer, are widely touted as one of the greatest successes of the “Web 2.0 revolution,” and with good reason. …

  • The Rev2.org Podcast Episode 1: Facebook Roundtable

    The Rev2.org Podcast Episode 1: Facebook Roundtable

    Editor’s Note: Yes, the rumours are true, Rev2 now has its own podcast! The podcast is essentially, well, a podcast version of the blog — focusing on ‘Web 2.0, technology, and new media.’ We’ll feature exclusive interviews, roundtables and profiles with and of some of the most important people and players in this industry. We
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