• Facebook’s Future and Why It’s Here to Stay

    Facebook’s Future and Why It’s Here to Stay

    We all have bad days. Facebook, meanwhile, had a bad month. So, while it may be the first time in Facebook’s history that their traffic plateaued and declined, it’s not a sign that the company’s headed for bankruptcy. The company has managed, in a few short years, to become one of the most popular sites on the internet. To bearish commentators, the visitor drop is a harbinger of the company’s fall. Yet Facebook, Silicon Valley’s darling, has nothing to fear.

    The Shine’s Worn Off

    Facebook grew in a field that was crowded predominantly by established players …

  • The Rev2 Cabinet: RockYou

    The Rev2 Cabinet: RockYou


    Interview with Jia Shen, CTO of RockYou!

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    Now, nearly every website you visit has a widget. Almost everything is embeddable, whether it’s the …

  • The Rev2 Cabinet: Zoho

    The Rev2 Cabinet: Zoho


    Interview with Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho

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    What does Zoho do? It’s certainly hard to define. No matter how they do it, they’re going about it differently than the …

  • Google Properties Analyzed by Traffic Share

    Google Properties Analyzed by Traffic Share

    Hitwise released today an interesting breakdown of Google properties, products, and pages by traffic for the week ending second February. The chart provides some telling data about which Googlings bring in the most traffic home, which have been leading the pact, and which — frankly — need a kick in the boot. There were several
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  • The Rev2 Cabinet: Pageflakes

    The Rev2 Cabinet: Pageflakes

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    There was a time when reading from one source was enough for anyone. The New York Times, or portals like Yahoo! captivated the attention of readers in the pre-Web 2.0 era. In the modern day, however, the need for information can’t be sated by one source. Instead, users traverse the Internet in search of dozens of sites that appeal to the niche they’re looking for information from. RSS feeds, invented by web pioneer Dave Winer, are widely touted as one of the greatest successes of the “Web 2.0 revolution,” and with good reason. …