Brand New Vintage BSA 1950s C11 Speedo In Gas/ Petrol Tank For Sale

Brand New Vintage BSA 1950s C11 Speedo In Gas/ Petrol Tank

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Brand New Vintage BSA 1950s C11 Speedo In Gas/ Petrol Tank:

Are you restoring your Vintage 1950s BSA C11 which comes with Speedometer fitted on Tank and looking for a new Petrol Tank? Classic Spare Parts brings you the Exact Reproduction of the Petrol Tank which came fitted in the Vintage 1950s BSA C11 model. No need to buy old dented tanks- paint or chromed removed and refurbished Junk - Don?t think much- Buy the best ? brand new exact reproduction of Tank fitted to Vintage 1950s BSA C11 model which had Speedometer fitted in the Fuel Tank.

Manufactured in India especially for Vintage 1950s C11 model of BSA Motorcycles, this Brand New Petrol Tank is customized to highest specifications & quality standards for easy and trouble free fitment. This Petrol Tank is made of premium grade MS Sheet and comes polished in bare metal raw finish. This Petrol tank is Brand new; pressure tested and comes with inner coating to make it more durable and sturdy- This Tank has the provision to fit the Speedometer in the Tank as Original Tank. It comes raw so that you can easily get this painted or chromed as per your requirement. It weighs approximately 4500 Gms. This fitting of this Petrol Tank has been checked on BSA C11 1950s model by our Technical Team. Please refer to pictures for exact dimensions before Ordering.
Please Note: You would be shipped brand new securely packed Petrol Tank for Vintage 1950s BSA C11 model through Expedited Shipping Mode ?DHL Express. Check the product description, research well in case you are ordering this for any other motorcycle. Kindly reassure yourself by checking the dimensions with your bike before buying. Also please allow at least 10-15 days for dispatching the Customized Petrol Tanks, Tool Boxes and Body parts as the technical team at Classic Spare Parts double check the fitting of all customized parts by fixing them to Motorcycle Frame before shipping them to the customers, so that they just bolt on and are back on the Road. We do not stand responsible if you are ordering this for any other motorcycle, this is for Vintage BSA 1950s C11 Model.

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