Fisher i2P-100 Electro Pneumatic Transducer 4-20MADC 3-15PSI 30V-DC BRAND NEW For Sale

Fisher i2P-100 Electro Pneumatic Transducer 4-20MADC 3-15PSI 30V-DC BRAND NEW

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Fisher i2P-100 Electro Pneumatic Transducer 4-20MADC 3-15PSI 30V-DC BRAND NEW:

Product Description
The major issue with the design of electro-pneumatic transducers is the balance between emissions and up-time. If designed to Minimize emissions, then the device can be prone to plugging, especially if natural gas is being used as the pneumatic supply. Introducing the Fisher ® Type i2P-100 transducer. It’s designed to meet environmental concerns, but optimized to provide maximum up-time. It features dual compartments with an “explosive-fluid seal” to prevent natural gas from migrating to the electrical conduit. Additional advantages offered by the i2P-100 include corrosion resistance, tolerance to dirty supply and vibration resistance
Plug-In Printed Wiring Board Assembly To keep water and harsh atmosphere out of the i2P-100’s electronic components, we’ve encased them in a rugged shell. Selectable dip switch settings enable you to configure the output range for 3-15, 6-30 or 3-30 psi (0.2-1.0, 0.4-2.0, or 0.2-2.0 bar). The switch also allows you to set the input range to 4-20, 4-12 or 12-20 mA dc for a 3-15 psi (0.2-1.0 bar) output.
Housing Assembly The i2P-100 features an “explosive fluid seal” to meet Canadian Standards Association, U.S. Factory Mutual, ATEX and IEC approvals for use with natural gas. And its NEMA 4X/IP66 housing is built to meet explosion proof and intrinsically safe requirements in the process industry
Relay AssemblyThe i2P-100 transducer can produceoutput volume up to 8.0 normalm3/hr (5.0 scfm). Pneumatic tubingconnects to a 0.25 inch NPT femaleconnection for output pressure
Vent andPipe-Away Vent CapabilityWhen the i2P-100 transducerexhausts, air is released through thevent to the atmosphere. When notexhausting, the vent closes toprevent water from entering theinstrument. If you need to pipe awaynatural gas, simply remove the ventand screw a 0.25 inch NPT pipe intothe housingPlug-In Converter The corrosion resistant, rugged i2P-100 uses a modular design that allows for fast replacement of the converter module.

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