Olympus CV-100 Evis High Resolution Endoscope Endoscopy Video Processor System For Sale

Olympus CV-100 Evis High Resolution Endoscope Endoscopy Video Processor System

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Olympus CV-100 Evis High Resolution Endoscope Endoscopy Video Processor System :

What You'll get:

  • Olympus CV-100 Evis High Resolution Endoscope Endoscopy Video Processor System

Power Cord/ Attachments/ Accessories/ Anything Else Not Mentioned or Pictured NOT INCLUDED.

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Unit will power ON, but there are green lines running down the image. There was no further testing done to the unit. Therefore unit is been
Sold AS-IS for parts or repair!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics..

Taken from the Internet:

Olympus CV-100 Video Processor

The Olympus CV-100 Video Processor provides high resolution, true color video imaging without image “break-up” due to developments in instantaneous single plate color chip technology.

  • Automatic gain control (AGC) Maintains optimal brightness of the image even in lower light situations
  • Iris mode selection Permits selection of either AVERAGE or PEAK exposure measurement. Normally, the AVERAGE setting is used. However, in certain situations, such as observation of the gastric angle, the PEAK setting may be selected. This setting reduces the light on the brightest part of the image, thus allowing more accurate observation and diagnosis.
  • Fast Shutter For most observations, shutter speed of 1/60 second is used. However, to eliminate blurred photographs when the subject or videoscopeis moving, you may select a higher shutter speed of 1/250 second
  • Hue Adjustment Level Indicator This control for red and blue provides a broad range of adjustment for fine-tuning the image to meet your individual preference

Olympus CV-100 Video Processor Specifications

  • Mode
    • Either FIELD or FRAME may be selected. Normally, the FILED mode is used to obtain movement- free frozen images. However, the FRAME mode enhances vertical resolution, and may be preferred for diagnostic observation of small areas.
  • Enhancement Selector
    • Provides three levels of outline or edge enhancement, which can be useful for achieving clearer images of protruding portions of the image and for detailed observation
  • Sub Screen
    • When set to ON, a subsidiary image appears at the bottom left of the monitor when the FREEZE button is activated on the videoscope. This feature allows you to maintain a live image at all times while simultaneously observing the frozen image in detail.
  • VTR Switch (Start/Stop)
    • For recording the monitor image on videotape. (The VTR must be in record “pause” mode)
  • Videoprinter Release Switch
    • For printing the monitor image
  • Monitor Output Selector
    • Allows selection of video signal (RGB, Y/C, NTSC) for out to various types of monitor and video ancillary devices. The Y/C output provides optimum utilization of S-VHS videotape recorders.
  • Remote Switch Function Display
    • The videoscope has four remote switches and the lighted display indicates which functions have been pre-selected.
  • Record Destination Selector
    • A maximum of four still-image recording systems (video image recorder, magnetic disk, videodisk, and digital filter) can be connected and controlled from this selector. This does not control the Videoprinter function.

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