REICHERT microscope; brightfield,transmitted DIC (NOMARSKI),polarization. For Sale

REICHERT  microscope; brightfield,transmitted DIC (NOMARSKI),polarization.

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REICHERT microscope; brightfield,transmitted DIC (NOMARSKI),polarization.:

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For sale is a REICHERT Microstar, binocular ,brightfield,polarizing and Transmitted DIC microscope in excellent condition.

Four objectives: 4x; And DIC-tested, infinity corrected 10x,20x and 40x. All objectives are in excellent condition.

The microscope is equipped with simple polarization. This adds a huge amount of details and colors to the images and reveals details not seen in brightfield.

The microscope is also equipped with a transmitted light DIC system.

It allows the viewer to turn flat colorless transparent samples into the typical three dimensional Nomarski [DIC] images.

The DIC produces images better by far than the Phase method. Images are tri-dimensional,clear and without the annoying halo so characteristic to phase.Full instructions will come with the microscope. [Do not worry. It's not complicated.]

By adding a vertical illuminator,the buyer may add the DIC Reflected light option without adding any extra elements. That way,the microscope will also be fit for DIC for examination of opaque samples.

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