Rememory — Share Memories and Make New Ones — Made in USA For Sale

Rememory — Share Memories and Make New Ones — Made in USA

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Rememory — Share Memories and Make New Ones — Made in USA:

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Rememory — Share Memories and Make New Ones — Made in USA

  • A lifetime of memories in one little box; share your memories and help people know you better- and know yourself better, too!
  • Comes with three decks: 25 season cards, 25 generation cards, and 180 prompt cards.
  • Comes with suggestions for using by yourself, with and as a conversational, creative, non-competitive game.
  • Light and portable, with a vintage design; cards have rounded edges.
  • Ages 13 and up. Made in u. S. A.
  • Rememory is a time machine, a writing prompt, a teaching tool, and a game- all in one little box. Draw one card from each of the three decks... and remember. We've heard so many people draw Rememory cards and immediately say, ''I haven't thought of that in years,'' that we put that sentence right on the box. Use Rememory to explore your own memory; with friends, use Rememory to share (and compare!) memories and get to know each other better. You can also use Rememory for fun, non-competitive games. Rememory is perfect for writers, families, teachers, artists, and anyone interested in the stories we all carry around inside us. Ideal for conversation, writing (memoir, poetry), parties, reunions, teaching, art, discovery, dating, game night, and more. A perfect all-purpose gift and stocking stuffer. From the creator of The Storymatic family of creative prompts and games. Made in U.S.A.

    BrandThe StorymaticManufacturerThe StorymaticItemDimensions3.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

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