VTG Optometrist Cresent Ocular Tonometer Antique Medical Device RARE SEE PICS For Sale

VTG Optometrist Cresent Ocular Tonometer Antique Medical Device RARE SEE PICS

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VTG Optometrist Cresent Ocular Tonometer Antique Medical Device RARE SEE PICS:


Up for sale is this rare, uncommon medical device from the 60's-70's made by Cresent Manufacturing of Santa Ana, California. As far as I can gather, the company is now defunct and information regarding the brand/company is sparse, although I am by no means an expert in this field so I can be easily misinformed (I know there have since been medical device companies created with similar names, however I'm under the understanding that they weren't the same company/brand. However, it is apparent this is an Optometrist's Ocular Tonometer Medical Device. Again, if you wanted an explanation for what that is, I won't be able to answer that question effectively but if you don't know the use of this particular device then you probably can't appreciate it for its antique obsolescence, which from what I gather is what gives most Vintage Medical Devices their charm. The power supply cord is missing so it's unknown at this point if it functions mechanically. Aesthetically it's in Fair to Good condition. It has a lil grime on the front third where the indentation is but the unit will be wiped down prior to shipment.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND I MAKE NO CLAIMS TO IT'S FUNCTIONALITY SO KEEP THAT IN MIND IF YOU PURCHASE. I imagine it an Optometrist today could appreciate the old style, low technology compared to today's high tech devices. Today's Ocular Tonometer Devices sell for upwards of a few thousand dollars and up! I'd love to tell myself this rare device could demand anything remotely close to that but I'm not delusional and I'm not holding my breath. That said, I'm not willing to give it away for next to nothing. I know some professional out there can appreciate this far more than I could, I'm unsure as to how much I should ask for it so I will ballpark a number and feel free to make an offer, I will consider all reasonable price offers and will respond to any and all offers. If you would lie more information or pics I'm more than happy to assist you in providing those.

In order to entice potential buyers, I will subsidize shipping on the item, which due to its size will make my usual method (USPS PRIORITY FLAT-RATE fairly expensive since they will only fit in a large sized box, which costs roughly $18. I will subsidize the cost to the tune of $10 FLAT, no less, no more. I think that's a fair enough price. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOMED THROUGH S GLOBAL SHIPMENT PROGRAM! THE $10 cost also applies to the Global Shipment Center in Kentucky, from there will have other prices they require for your Customs, etc.

Thanks for looking, if you do happen to make the purchase please plan on having payment sent ASAP. I try and have my items shipped no later than the day after payment is received. In fact I feel like I fail my customer if I don't have it packaged and sent off to the post office on the same day my PayPal account receives payment.

I know I write a lot, but if you've made it this far down the description, please remember to leave positive response of you feel satisfied with your purchase and product. This seller account is new, although I've been involved in this type of business for years working under a family business account. Anyways, since my account is new, each and every positive rating enables me to get more items online, which in turn allows me to keep doing what I love to do! Thanks for looking, and for any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to answer any and all questions so don't hesitate to do so.

Take care, thanks for looking!

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