Vintage CUDA Attacks All And Wins Iron On Transfer Hotrod Muscle Car Retro For Sale

Vintage CUDA Attacks All And Wins Iron On Transfer Hotrod Muscle Car Retro

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Vintage CUDA Attacks All And Wins Iron On Transfer Hotrod Muscle Car Retro :

Here is the chance to own a original vintage transfer of your dreams, Are you a 70's baby or do you just like the vintage designs, These are what you need on your shirts. You will not find transfer like these anymore. Rare item so do not miss out "BUY IT NOW" before they are gone, These will not be made ever again, Wants these sell thats it no more.OLD NEW STOCKAdvice / Instructions for Vintage Iron-On Transfers:Transfers are VINTAGE, they areNOT REPRODUCTIONS. They make great collectables that will grow in value for years to come. THEY HAVE BEEN STORED FOR 20 to 25 even 30 YEARS. THEY DO STILL WORK JUST LIKE MAGIC. REMEMBER: IT IS YOUR CHOICE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH IT. I'M GIVING INSIDER TIPS BECAUSE I WANT TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY AND PROVIDE THEM WITH A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.Uses for Vintage Iron-Ons:
1) Making cool "out of this world" t-shirts you and your friends will flip over.
2) Making custom clothing... skirts, t-shirts, jackets, undies, couture. Cut 'em up, iron-on the front, the back, anywhere you want. Make unique couture clothing.
3) Making other custom items... whatever you can dream up... the sky is the limit.
4) Or just collecting. They are super rare and gain value over the coming years.All pictures of VINTAGE IRON-ONS are "BACK LIT" (still on the paper)... Iron On Images are much clearer and the colors are much more vivid when used.They all are UNUSED from the late 60's, 1970's, early 80's. Made of heavy opaque vinyl and press paints that can go on any color t-shirt!These ARE NOT the CHEAPY Cereal Box nor Crappy Computer Reproductions! 100% ORIGINAL from a t-shirt shop that operated in the 1970's!!!I have used at home every type of iron on that I sell and have succesfully transfered the designs to T-shirts in every case. Some take longer than others and some are easier to do than others. They are COOL PEEL so you need to apply as much pressure and heat as possible evenly around the entire design. It takes approx. 15 minutes of heat and pressure (with a home iron). Let it cool for a minute or two then it should peel right off. NEVER FORCE IT OFF, YOU WILL WRECK YOUR SHIRT. If it is not coming off; apply more heat and more pressure, let it cool again and try CAREFULLY again.There is also a much better way, that will save you work.Every town has a t-shirt shop. I recommend that you take the iron on to a t-shirt shop near you. Be polite and ask them if they can put it on a t-shirt for you. They will have a press. If they ask you for instructions here they are; Heat Press at 350-365 degrees. Press for 17-24 seconds. Let cool completly. CAREFULLY Peel off in one direction. They will understand these easy to follow directions. They will most likely do it if you buy a T-shirt from them directly to put it on. This is the best way, and a lot of people have been overjoyed that they look so good. For care of your t-shirt; Wash in cold water with like colors, line dry (never put it in the dryer). This will provide you with years of great wear.
Thanks for looking, We hope you enjoy yourtransfer, We love bringing a smile on all of our customers faces, We offer the best when it comes to vintage Original Tshirt transfers. We have a large selection so ifyou are looking for somethingspecific please let us know by sending us a message and we can look to see if we have it.

I strive diligently to accurately describe all of my items. I am Human and, therefore, do make mistakes. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason please contact me via email and trust that we can work it out. I've not maintained my response and seller status by being difficult to deal with. My ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. If you're satisfied, please leave me positive response and a 5 star rating, We thrive to ONLY receive 5 star ratings and above so if for any reason you think we don’t deserve a rating that high please contact us before leaving anything lower so i can have the opportunity to earn the 5 star rating and positive response i deserve.

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