Windows 10 USB All Versions 32 & 64bit Restore Repair Install Upgrade w/HD For Sale

Windows 10 USB All Versions 32 & 64bit Restore Repair Install Upgrade w/HD

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Windows 10 USB All Versions 32 & 64bit Restore Repair Install Upgrade w/HD:

Windows 10 All Versions 32/64 Bit Bootable USB - Anniversary Update

This is a USB disk used only to create a Windows 10 bootable USB Install / Repair / Recoverydisk.

This disk contains both versions of all these Windows 10 editions, including 32 AND 64 bit versions. Windows 10 EDucation / Windows 10 Home Single Language / Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro

*** Please note - This is for FULL installs or upgrades from an activated OS ONLY. This is for computers that came with Windows 10 and need to be reloaded or for persons who bought a full copy of Windows 10 and need to reload. You CAN do an upgrade installation from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, but you MUST have your previous Operating System installed and activated to do the Free Windows 10 upgrade.

This disk is perfect for:

    1. Anyone who owns a desktop, laptop, netbook or workstation manufactured by Dell, Alienware, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Gateway, Acer, Emachines, IBM, Lenovo, Asus, Fujitsu, MSI, etc. that shipped with Windows 10 but you lost your disk or your hard drive failed. (Even if you don't see your manufacturer listed here, it will still work)
    2. Anyone who replaced their hard drive due to failure or perhaps an upgrade to an SSD.
    3. Anyone who wants to switch from 32 bit to 64 bit or 64 bit to 32 bit.
    4. Anyone who wants to perform a cleanreinstallation without all thebloatwarethat is included by the above manufacturers.

Whatever the reason, if you have a Windows 10 license of ANY kind but lackreinstallation media, this is exactly what you need.

This convenient disk also includes theseWindows recovery tools:

  • Startup Repair: Fixes certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files that might prevent Windows from starting correctly.

  • System Restore: Restores your computer's system files to an earlier point in time without affecting your files, such as e‑mail, documents, or photos.

  • System Image Recovery: You need to have created a system image beforehand to use this option. A system image is a personalized backup of the partition that contains Windows, and includes programs and user data, like documents, pictures, and music.

  • Windows Memory Diagnostics: Scans your computer's memory for errors.

  • Command Prompt: Advanced users can use Command Prompt to perform recovery-related operations and also run other command line tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.

BE ADVISED: This disk is not intended for upgrades and does not include a license, product key or COA. You must own a legitimate license and corresponding unique 25 digit product key to use and activate this product. You will receive an unlabeled disk, as is required to integrate service packs and hot fixes. It is intended to be booted from, not launched from within Windows. A cleanreinstallation may not install all system drivers, these can be easily found at the manufacturers website.

Returns: Returns are accepted. Due to this item being software, returns are replacement only for a term of 14 days.

*Per Microsoft and requirements, an OEM piece of hardware (in this case a Hard Drive), is offered along with this piece of software.

This item does not violate any of 's listing policies. Any and all images that are not original belong to their respective parties and are used under the license terms. This does not include a product key, license or certificate of authenticity. While this software is not OEM specific, an untested Hard Drive is offered. Buyer may make arrangements for delivery, if buyer chooses or arrangements are not made it will be responsibly recycled. The buyer upon purchase authorizes the seller to act as proxy in creating a "backup copy" of the software media for which they hold a license. The "backup copy" is authorized under the terms of both the Fair Use Act and that of the corresponding End User License Agreement of the software under section 10 "BACKUP COPY. You may make one backup copy of the software. You may use it only to reinstall the software on the licensed computer.". The "backup copy" is for personal use only, to reinstall or repair only and will not be fully functional without the buyer's existing unique genuine license product key and does not in an way, shape or form negate the terms of the corresponding End User License Agreement.

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