• Become.com Goes Beta

    Become.com Goes Beta

    Remember about half a month ago I reported on Become.com, a search engine I truely beleived in? Well I’m glad to announce today that Become.com has launched in Beta. You need to register in-order to try it out, and IMHO once you do, you’ll be glad you did. As you can see in the screenshot
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  • Mark Jen Fired

    Mark Jen Fired

    Yes, Mark Jen, does that ring bells? 😉 Yup, he’s the one who opened up “Ninetyninezeros” which got taken of then put back on by Google only this time with less content — content = less stuff about Google. Apparently, according to Jeremy Zawodny, who indeed talked to Mark Jen recently, it’s definately to do
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  • Bloggers: Suggest Your Feed To FeedPlex

    Bloggers: Suggest Your Feed To FeedPlex

    Nathan just informed me that the second (after acquisition) beta launch of FeedPlex is nearing, and that you can now suggest your feed from possible inclusion in the launch. Nathan also suggests (which I second) that, if you’re free at this moment, suggest a couple of other feeds as well, it doesn’t exactly have to
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  • WebSideStory To Buy ATOMZ

    WebSideStory To Buy ATOMZ

    I was a bit confused when I read this title in my aggregator. At first I thought this was ATOMFilms, which I remembered as a site where I had been to ages ago but couldn’t recall what it was called. But when I read the real story, a few bells rang in my head. As
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  • About.com Could Be Sold Too Google…Or Yahoo…Or AOL

    About.com Could Be Sold Too Google…Or Yahoo…Or AOL

    Seriously, I’m not kidding. According to InternetNews.com, About.com is for sale, and guess who all are up and bidding for it: The Times said Google, Yahoo, AOL and Ask Jeeves all will bid in a price range of $350 million to $500 million. I think it’ll be funny if any one of those company buys
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  • Google Updates Images; Images Now With Web Results

    Google Updates Images; Images Now With Web Results

    Jst for the record of it, those two are different pieces of news although relating to Google Images. Google announced today that Google has updated its database which now contains 1.1 billion images (exactly 1 trillion, 187 billion, 63 million words). Google also clarified that yes, it’s true — you can now see some images
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