• Web 2.0 Awards

    Web 2.0 Awards

    Oh, yes. Convince me I didn’t see this coming.

  • LaidOffCamp & FreelanceCamp Come to Miami

    LaidOffCamp & FreelanceCamp Come to Miami

    Have you recently received your walking papers? If so, LaidOffCamp Miami organizers and participating employers have marching orders for you: Don’t take it sitting down. LaidOffCamp Miami is sponsored by VOIS.com (pronounced “Voice”) a publicly traded, social commerce Web company that combines the power of social networking with an online marketplace for professional freelance and
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  • Will Amazon Purchase Netflix?

    Will Amazon Purchase Netflix?

    Rumor has it (coming from major news outlets) that movie rental company Netflix may be purchased by internet retail giant. The stock price of Netflix went up almost 7% today amidst the rumors.This rumor has been circulating around the internet for a number of years, and has yet to materialize. One analyst has said that
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  • Vision 20/20:  Sex Offender Locator

    Vision 20/20: Sex Offender Locator

    Have you ever wondered about that creepy guy living across the street from you? Today there are over 650,000 registered sex offenders living in the United States, and that number is growing by a whopping 25,000 per year. Knowing where these individuals live can be a real advantage and can create peace of mind. With
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