• iPhone 4 Now in Stores – Do You Care?

    iPhone 4 Now in Stores – Do You Care?

    If you’re reading this and don’t already own one of the new iPhones, it’s likely that you aren’t all that interested in the gadget-fest that is Apple fandom.  With all the hype and buzz flying around about the iPhone 4 for the past two months, it seems that everyone who would want one probably has
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  • iPhone Beta 5 Observations

    iPhone Beta 5 Observations

    If you have an Apple iPhone and have upgraded to the new Beta 5 release for OS 3, you’ve doubtless noticed a few changes.  The biggest is to MMS.  YouTube video streams saw an improvement.  For a minute anyway, then they reverted back to the way they were. According to Gizmodo, the fixes were dramatic. 
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