• GrooveShark Releases Widgets

    GrooveShark Releases Widgets

    Today GrooveShark, my favorite music site has announce a new way to upload songs directly from your hard drive into GSlite without downloading a client. Basically, if you have a song on your computer you can now “take it anywhere” that you have internet access and flash.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get more
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  • For Online Music Lovers: Grooveshark Lite

    For Online Music Lovers: Grooveshark Lite

    Grooveshark Lite is a new ‘sub-service’ launched by the innovative guys that brought us Grooveshark, a combination music store (iTunes) and music community (Last.fm), with elements drawn from each, billing itself as the world’s first ‘music library.’ One of Grooveshark’s main draws is the breadth of their library. They have over 6 million songs covering
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