• Send To All – Group Emails From Your iPhone

    Send To All – Group Emails From Your iPhone

    Now available at app stores around the Web and now available in the Apple App Store is a new iPhone application that allows you to send emails to multiple addresses and use groups to organize for sending. The app is called Send To All and is made by Grip’d, based in Boca Raton, Florida.  If
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  • Game Over For iPhone App Tris

    Game Over For iPhone App Tris

    Noah Witherspoon, the still in college developer of the Tris Application has announced in his blog that he will be removing the Tetris like app from the iTunes store.  The move comes after receiving notice from The Tetris Company and Apple that he is in violation of trademark and copyright laws. Witherspoon says “the approach
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  • Hurricanes & iPhones

    Hurricanes & iPhones

    Although it appears the South Eastern Coast of Florida (where I live) will be spared from Hurricane Fay, it still alarmed us to go into prepardness mode.  During our inital preparations, my wife asked me to double check if we had certain supplies.  While looking around for many of the items, it dawned on my
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  • Cannot Bite Into Apple Apps and Request a Refund

    Cannot Bite Into Apple Apps and Request a Refund

    Ever wonder what will happen if you purchased an application for your iPhone from the iTunes store, and the application was removed from iTunes soon after?  It would seem somewhat logical that Apple would issue a refund, and in the same manner that they collected the money for application developer, that they refund it in
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  • So Long PhoneSaber App

    So Long PhoneSaber App

    According to TheMacBox, the makers of some iPhone apps, the PhoneSaber has been voluntarily pulled from iTunes.  Many of you will know the PhoneSaber application if you checked the top 25 free apps downloaded since Apple released the ability to download apps.  The PhoneSaber has consistently been one of the most downloaded applications.  Although the
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  • iPhone 3G Advice: Don’t Stand in Line

    iPhone 3G Advice: Don’t Stand in Line

    I am perplexed why people would waste their time waiting on lines to buy a new 3G iPhone.  Yes, I happen to have an iPhone myself, and yes, I plan on getting the 3G version, however….you will not find me waiting in order to get one. If the iPhone maniacs took a step back and
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