• No More Erotic Services on Craigslist (Mostly)

    No More Erotic Services on Craigslist (Mostly)

    In seven days, the erotic services section as you know it on Craigslist will end.  No more listings are being accepted and all current listings will expire at or before that time.  This is due to pressure from state and local law enforcement over the legalities of the services often listed there. The cost for
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  • Jicka.com: A Classified Story

    Jicka.com: A Classified Story

    Editor’s note: this post is 100% about a company I am directly involved in. Do not read into it as self promotion, but rather as a personal analysis/entrepreneurial story. After reading Sid’s post on Memiary, it got me thinking as to why I develop all the sites I have in recent times. Of all the
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