• MapQuest Blazes New Path for Barnes & Noble

    MapQuest Blazes New Path for Barnes & Noble

    When you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer competing against the best of the best of online businesses, such as Amazon and Netflix, you need to fortify your click-and-mortar presence with a number of strategic partnerships. Book, music and movie retail chain Barnes & Noble, Inc., boasting nearly 800 locations in all 50 states, knows this all too
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  • MapQuest Goes Local

    MapQuest Goes Local

    Mapquest has decided to step up its one dominant presence today.  Both Yelp Reviews and Sports News will now be included on the site. Last month MapQuest launched a new feature called MapQuest Local, which brought all of your local information into a simplified dashboard.  They launched this feature to give you some “what” and
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