• MySpace rethinks itself, Timberlake goes Pin-ish

    MySpace rethinks itself, Timberlake goes Pin-ish

    A new video from MySpace features its new front man, Justin Timberlake, and shows the new direction the former social networking giant plans to take. As Facebook began to dominate the social networking scene, MySpace found itself losing relevance – fast.  The network morphed, somewhat haphazardly, into a music-centric “band profiles” network, replacing its former
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  • MySpace Will Try a Makover

    MySpace Will Try a Makover

    Two weeks ago, MySpace’s owner, the News Corporation (Rupert Murdoch), dropped Myspace founder Chris DeWolfe and brought in Owen Van Natta of Facebook fame. This was a move meant to revamp the company and restore its popularity. You see, Van Natta’s former employer is growing by leaps and bounds, adding new users at a breakneck
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  • MySpace to Launch New Targeted Ad Network

    MySpace to Launch New Targeted Ad Network

    MySpace, the world’s largest social network, is believed to be launching a new targeted advertising offering dubbed “Self Service by MySpace”. The news of the launch will apparently be officially broken at Ad:Tech today. The new service will not have any impact on the existing agreement that myspace has with Google for text based advertising
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  • Myspace Responds to Facebook

    Myspace Responds to Facebook

    Wow! Mark Zuckerberg and facebook sure are rustling the feathers of some big birds these days. It was only the other day that I was posting about the Google vs. facebook debate heating up. The latest competitor news for facebook will be more concerning for Zuckerberg I’m sure. The statistical king of social networks, MySpace,
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