• Microsoft Buyout Rumors: Twitter – Yahoo

    Microsoft Buyout Rumors: Twitter – Yahoo

    Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, did a live interview at Search Marketing Expo West in California (transcript here).  He said several things that have a lot of people asking a lot of questions and making more than a few conjectures too.  The recent deal with Yahoo! that has received the OK from the European Union and
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  • ZingSale:  Save Money By Link Shopping

    ZingSale: Save Money By Link Shopping

    Everyone’s on a budget these days and ZingSale hopes to harness that need and create a budget-minded shopping portal. It’s not a store or even an affiliate-link, but rather a sort of RSS feeder for online shopping. Basically, users put in what they’re looking for (say “Gucci Wallet”) and the site alerts them whenever that
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  • Revyr Empowers the Employee

    Revyr Empowers the Employee

    Employment advertising and job search are industry categories that have by and large been revolutionised by the world wide web. Brand names such as Monster and Seek are now top of mind for those of us around the world who are in the market to either recruit or be recruited. Websites such as these took
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