• How I Remember Steve Jobs

    How I Remember Steve Jobs

    I’m an avid Apple products user and have been for years.  Steve Jobs is one of my personal heroes.  I’m not an engineer or even really all that technically minded when it comes to invention or electronics.  Break open my iPad and I can’t tell you what circuit does what or which wire powers which.
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  • The World After Jobs

    The World After Jobs

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 will be remembered for a long time as the day that Steve Jobs, founding CEO of Apple Computers, resigned as that company’s leader.  The story of Jobs’ ongoing, long-time medical issues has been pretty public and his lengthy leaves of absence for the past couple of years have caused many to
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  • Will Google’s Nexus One Kill the iPhone?

    Will Google’s Nexus One Kill the iPhone?

    The Internet is all a-Twitter with talk of Google’s latest phone, dubbed the Nexus One.  I say “latest” because Google has had a hand in several phones before, including the T-Mobile G1 and others.  Sascha Segan at PCMag.com points out the fact that Google is hardly new to the foray of mobile phones. That’s not
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