• TwitBlock – Junk Filtering and Blocking for Twitter

    TwitBlock – Junk Filtering and Blocking for Twitter

    Yesterday we looked at Tweetblocker, to help prevent spam on Twitter.  There is another alternative since ss Twitter becomes more popular, it also becomes a new haven for spammers, phishers, marketing robots, and so forth. One thing about the Internet doesn’t seem to change: the more popular a communications medium on it becomes, the faster
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  • TweetBlocker – Twitter Spammers Beware

    TweetBlocker – Twitter Spammers Beware

    Twitter is finally coming into its own and this Summer saw the little social networking app suddenly become the communications medium of choice for many. From Oprah to Ashton Kutcher to the Iranian elections, Twitter hit the main stream with a tidal wave of popularity. With that popularity comes the scammers hoping to use it
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